Ready Binding Powder

Professional product for better results

Felex Benefits:

Variety of Colors

In 22 different colors

Anti-Scurf and crack

Solving the problem of dandruff and cracks of the joints

Anti Bacterial

Antibacterial minerals

Why FeleX ?

Some Benefits of Felex Ready Colored Mortar

Anti-Scurf and crack properties

The fibers in Felex powders prevent cracking and efflorescing by integrating the bonding mortar.

Completely natural pigments

The use of mineral powders based on natural colors, in addition to creating a variety of colors, prevents dirt from the bricks.

No Color Changing

Felex powders are prepared using up-to-date machines and have a solid color in the composition of raw materials.

Available in 22 colors

Felex powders have a very high variety of colors due to their preparation from mineral and natural raw materials.

High mechanical strength and stability

Felex is based on cement and abrasion-resistant powders, so they harden after initial setting

With special fibers

The fibers in Felex powder cause very high adhesion and uniformity of the bands.

Look more beautiful with Felex

Evolution of beauty

Elimination of human error
Avoid mixing traditional ingredients with Felex
High execution speed and preparation

Combine Felex with 15%-20% water and use

The new generation of brick binding powder

Using the newest and the best materials in the production of Felex

Very high variety in color scheme

Felex is available in 22 colors. 17 simple colors and 5 luxury colors

Code C-106

White color

One of the most popular colors

Compatible with all brick colors

Code C-108

Black color

The best-selling colors

Unique beauty with bright bricks

Code C-109

Cream color

Relaxing and popular

High compatibility with dark bricks

Code C-107

Gray color

Formal and modern color

Suitable for rustic bricks

Performed Projects

Imam Reza shrine

Mashhad . Iran

Masoomeh shrine

Qom . Iran

Mapna Group Building

Tehran . Iran

Mapna Group Building

Tehran . Iran

Non-Aligned Organization

Tehran . Iran

Top projects have implemented with Felex

  • Development plan of the Imam Reza’s Shrine
  • Development plan of the Hazrat Masoumeh’s shrine
  • MAPNA Group Building
  • Bam Land of Tehran
  • Tehran Summit Building
  • Library of the Parliament

A glance at FeleX

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